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General tips & tactics

  • Try to stay one colour ahead of your closest enemies. If you're surrounded by mostly purple enemies then look for a nearby cyan.
  • When collecting groups of pips try to collect the one you want last instead of just going in a straight line to what's closest.
  • Use the early game to watch and identify which players are strong/weak. If you spot a particularly strong player then watch them closer and try to find a time when they're attacking another player to attack them.
  • Pay attention to the edges & corners, and where you and other players are in general. The corners and edges are often the most dangerous places to be and staying more towards the centre means you have more room to escape and can often spot an enemy to strike and sandwich against one of the 4 walls repeatedly.
  • Always watch your back when attacking another player. Repeatedly attacking one player or trying to whittle down a high HP player can be deadly because it gives other players a chance to come up behind you.
  • Baiting a hit or intentionally bouncing off other dominant players isn't always bad- sometimes if you're at the edge and need to head into the darkness for a pip and you have enough HP an enemy bump can help you gain extra speed and distance.
  • Conversely to the above- sometimes bumping your enemy into the darkness isn't a good idea as it gives them a chance to escape. Perhaps consider whether you can edge them into a corner or side instead.
  • Don't waste boosts if you don't need to- this is particularly important when there's only two players of equal colour left in the circle; size is the advantage.
  • Sometimes when you're stuck inside the circle and the enemy is on the dominant color but has less health than you then feigning a run into the darkness with a single or double click is often a good tactic to get them to chase after you- after which you can simply turn back and wait til they expire in the darkness.
  • On the same theme; speeding around the map attacking other players and being aggressive can work in some situations but early on it tends to draw more attention to you and make you more susceptible. Early on passive and defensive play tends to work better.
  • Playing passively also gives you time to gauge which players are good and which are bad. You can then ignore the poorer players or wait until someone else attacks them before attacking that aggressive attacking player giving you two kills in the right circumstances.
  • In tournaments, after finishing one game click the play button as soon as possible instead of waiting for the wheel- playing more games and faster gives you more opportunity for a higher score.
  • Learning to static boost can offer an advantage in the right scenario, particularly when there's lots of action and players on screen, but don't rely heavily on it.
  • Watch YouTube and Twitch clips of the tournament finals and the top players in action- learning from the pros is often a fast track to better play.

Controlling the Circle

Being inside the circle gives you a distinct advantage as your HP will remain consistent while it gradually lowers in the darkness. Early game your goal is mainly to stay alive while more and more players are whittled down. Sometimes early to mid game escaping into the darkness can give you an advantage when everyone is battling here and you will likely still have lots of time, room and options to come back in but as you approach the last 2 players control of the circle becomes more and more important.

Later on kicking people out of the circle becomes a distinct advantage if you're not able to immediately kill them. If you find yourself in the circle with one to two players running around in the darkness then you're in a strong position; watch them closely and try to anticipate their next move. Let them collect and spawn more and more pips but don't collect many within your circle, this way they'll soon be forced to come to you where you can probably end it. Casing around the edge of the circle towards your enemy will give you even more control over the perimeter.

When you're the one trying to come back into the circle you're at a disadvantage but some things can help-

  • Zoom towards the circle as fast as you can, but veer at the last second.
  • Either aim for a pip next to the circle, and veer into the circle instead OR aim for the circle, and veer towards a pip next to it.
  • If pips are in the right position you might also skim past the perimeter and goad them into accidentally coming into the darkness to get you, giving you a window to get in.
  • Another option is to play the long game and keep collecting pips until the circle is very small and the enemy's advantage is lessened and sooner or later you'll be able to nudge them out. Note that pips spawn and cluster closer and closer to the circle as the game goes on.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Control + Shift + Alt + click box = claim all boxes
  • Control + V = Voice-to-text chat in game
  • Enter = Activate text chat
  • Press Tab = Single Boost
  • Hold Tab = Continual Boost
  • Press tab + click mouse quickly= Tuki Tab
  • Hold tab + centre cursor on blob, release when small = Static Boost
  • Right mouse click — Bring up emotes
  • F = Full screen mode
  • Z = Zen mode (hides info panels)
  • Esc = Exit full screen mode

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