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ROY has a number of bonuses and multipliers applicable dependent upon different things.

  • Linking your Discord account increases rewards from playing by 5%.
  • Holding ROY provides a logarithmic multiplier based on the amount of ROY you hold and 1/3 of the store value of all the Skins that you own, this adds on to the 5% Discord multiple
  • Double rewards are random for anywhere between half-an-hour to an hour at a time. They usually occur once or twice a day. Triple rewards only occur immediately following the conclusion of the Sunday COTW Tournament, and typically last for roughly half-an-hour, followed by an equal period of Double Rewards. (Boxes picked up during this time will retain their value even once the rewards period ends, and any boxes picked up outside the rewards period will not be doubled during the period. Double/Triple Rewards does not affect the personal wheel, or any of the other modes.)
  • ROY balances held in game or in a linked MetaMask wallet also automatically stake at 16% APY, but this staking reward is only available for balances over 28 ROY
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