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Boxes are objects generated every game. Collecting them grants you between 75 and 375 extra HP and changes your color to the box's color. Boxes have a limited lifespan.

When boxes despawn because of time or because they have been collected, new boxes will spawn to replace them up to a limit (current players in battle + 2).

Shiny boxes work just like regular boxes but they also add colored boxes to your inventory that you can claim for ROY or feed to your personal wheel for a chance at increased rewards

Types of boxes

  • Colored box - changes your color + gives some HP
  • Shiny colored box - changes your color + gives some HP + adds colored box to your inventory
  • Shiny white box (TIPS) - adds shiny white box to your inventory
  • Letter box - added to inventory, when you kill a player (letter is the initial of the killed player)
  • Skin Discount box - special box that you drop after winning a game.
  • Achievement box - special box you get for completing an achievement


  • After adding letter boxes to game, some people starting doing art with them.
  • There use to be in the official discord server of Crypto Royale, events that involve making words with letter boxes.
  • The formula for box HP is:
    75 * Math.min(-Math.log(Math.random())+1, 5)
    which gives a number between 75 and 375 higher numbers being rarer (average 148.6)
  • You can only store up to 300 boxes in your inventory, after that they get automatically claimed for ROY
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