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Crypto Royale Trading Cards or “CRTC” for short is a game and project based on a series of NFTs featuring the players and events of Crypto Royale. The NFT’s are minted on the Harmony network, same as the ROY token, with design primarily led by Lorenzo S D.

Player Cards

Card Rarities

Player Trading cards come in 5 rarities, with different prices and copies: Common (5 ONE, 100 mints), Uncommon (10 ONE, 50 mints), Rare (25 ONE, 25 mints), Epic (150 ONE, 10 mints, and Legendary (Auction sale, 3 mints). Players can rank their cards up through all the rarities, and will receive a copy of each when minted.

Getting the player cards

Players can sign up to have their own trading card NFTs minted and will receive a copy of their card for free in "Common Rarity." As the Player Progresses through the Ranks in Crypto Royale, the Player can sign for a rarer and more valuable mint of their card. Some CRTC NFTs are only given as awards (such as Sunday Tournament finalists/winners), while others can be bought through Tofu, trading, and quiz giveaways. You can find all the cards minted so far here.

Trading card uses

As of now, trading cards are limited to being used for collecting or trading with other players. However, there are also several projects working on utilizing these cards for games such as CRTC you can also play an alpha of the game here.
Update: The alpha is no longer available. However, there's more to come!


The main concept of CRTC is still being drafted; however, some earlier prototypes of CRTC took on a "pokemon" approach in gameplay. Other ideas like a Gwent-type game and a YuGiOh-type game have also been thrown around. The current approach is an auto chess game.

You can help with CRTC's development in the #card-royale channel by visiting the discord.


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