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BotRoyale#6846 is a command bot on the official Crypto Royale discord server which serves various utilitarian roles and functions on the server such as announcing the quad-daily tournament results.
The Bot commands for BotRoyale only work in the #talk-to-the-bots channel on the Crypto Royale discord.

BotRoyale commands include:

Command Description
!h2h player Your head to head kills and deaths with another player
!me Various information about your play statistics, balance, staking and discord information.
!pigeons Who you are currently a pigeon of, and who your current pigeon is.
!private Creates a private game with the players balance.
!rewards Your staking rewards history including a link to more detailed staking information.
!stats More detailed gameplay statistics.
!tip player X Tip another player X amount of ROY
!tournament Recent history of tournaments and the schedule for the next 5 upcoming tournaments.
!leaderboard rating/points/played Shows whos leading in rating, points, or games played.
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