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The developers of the new game modes have united to create DevRoyale. A group of developers and a designer who are working together to bring new game modes to our beloved ecosystem. After this batch of games are done, the team will be working in unison to bring the fan favorites ideas, from Kart Royale to Infinite modes.

Although the group has the full support of Crypto Royale and being a team does accelerate progress, it's still going to take time for the games to come to the high standards that the ecosystem demands from their projects. With that being said, after this first batch of games are done, the next batch should come out in a more timely manner.

With respect to the people in the team, unless they decide the opposite, they'll remain private for the time being. We thank you for your comprehension.

Known Members:

CrimsonLily - Head of CardRoyale and Public Communications

NeedsName - Developer of Cardroyale

Graydon - Developer Of TriviaRoyale

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