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How do I play on mobile?

The mobile version is currently available on mobile browsers at the same website addresses. On iOS tap the game window, and on Android turn the phone landscape.  Then for direction control, press and drag your finger on the website, for boosting, tap on the screen.

What is that move where the player boosts in place and shoot out really fast? Is it a glitch?

It's not a bug its a feature. 😉 This is a move called "static boost". You can do this by being perfectly still and clicking to gather momentum in place. Then, point your cursor at the direction you want to go to shoot in that direction.

How do I chat in game?

On a PC you can chat by pressing the "ENTER" or "Return" key, typing your message, and hitting “ENTER” again to send. On Chrome, you can also press "V" to use the speech-to-text feature. In game chat feature is currently unavailable on mobile.

How do I make a private game?

Private games can be created using the !royale command and funded by your own ROY. The format is !royale <# of ROY> <games=#> [names=#(0-1)] [max=#(2-10)] [min=#(2-10)] [Text Description] and the ROY paid by the game creator is spread evenly across all the games. (so for example a command of !royale 50 games=5 names=1 max=5 min=3 Games Here would create 5 games, with pots of 10 ROY each, with visible names, that at most 5 people would be able to play, and would require 3 people to start, with a description of "Games Here") All commands within [ ] are optional, and will default to invisible names, minimum of 2 players, maximum of 10 players, and no text description.

What are the letters I get with the boxes?

The letter are the initials of the player you've killed. Each kills gives you a corresponding box with the initial of the player who was killed.

What are Double/Triple Rewards?

Double Rewards are when the rewards from Ranked, the lucky boxes, tips, and the kill boxes, are all doubled in value. Triple Rewards is the same, but tripled. Boxes picked up during this time will retain their value even once the rewards period ends, and any boxes picked up outside the rewards period will not be doubled during the period. Double/Triple Rewards does not affect the personal wheel, or any of the other modes.

When are Double/Triple Rewards?

Double rewards are random for anywhere between half-an-hour to an hour at a time. They usually occur once or twice a day. Triple rewards only occur immediately following the conclusion of the Sunday COTW Tournament, and typically last for roughly half-an-hour, followed by an equal period of Double Rewards.

How can I feed 1000 Boxes to the wheel if Max Boxes is 300?

The wheel will hold any boxes you feed to it until you spin, so you can feed your boxes to the wheel a little at a time until you get to 1000 boxes, or however much you want to spin. There is no limit to how many boxes you can feed to the wheel, however there is a limit to the value on the wheel. If the red segment of the wheel exceeds 1000 ROY in value, the wheel will not spin.

Is it better to feed the boxes into my personal wheel and spin or collect the boxes manually?

It is better to collect boxes manually than to spin them, as there is a slight house edge when you spin them. Spinning is fun, though.

How am I alive when I have 0 HP?

The displayed hp is rounded, so sometimes you might have a fraction more than 0, but it displays as 0

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

A list of keyboard shortcuts can be found here: https://medium.com/@kamikimms/key-shortcuts-every-experienced-crypto-royale-player-knows-about-that-you-should-too-a3394801676a

How does the in-game rating system work?

The in-game player rating (unlike the discord rating - see planet roles question above) is calculated based on the ELO system, which calculates the player's skill level in relation to other players. Simply put, if you win against a player with a higher ELO number, your ranking goes up, and if you lose against a player with a lower ELO number, your ranking goes down. You can read more about the ELO system here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system and check out the Multiplayer ELO library that is used in the game here: https://github.com/FigBug/Multiplayer-ELO


How do I withdraw ROY?

You can withdraw ROY by clicking the Withdraw button at the bottom of the game window and entering the amount to withdraw and your ONE address. There is a 5 ROY minimum for withdrawal, and you can withdraw it as ROY, or ONE. For more detailed instructions please see: https://cryptoroyale.one/info/ROY-how-to.html

What wallets can I use to withdraw ROY to?

We recommend using Metamask (https://metamask.io/) wallet for holding ROY. Instructions on setting it up can be found in the announcements channel and at: https://cryptoroyale.one/info/ROY-how-to.html

Other wallets that support Harmony ONE blockchain tokens can also be used.

How can I buy/sell some ROY?

You can convert ONE to ROY on SushiSwap at this link: Harmony.sushi.com/swap

To get ONE you can use Binance to convert BTC/USDT/BUSD/BNB to ONE. You can also use the withdraw button to withdraw a small amount of your ROY as ONE, at a poor rate of conversion, to fund your first swaps.

Why can't I withdraw?

This may be due to various reasons, the most common ones are the following:

1. If 2 people were withdrawing at the same time, one of the transactions may fail. Please try again after a  few moments. Or try to withdraw on the lowstakes / highstakes page.

2. The hot wallet is empty. The hot wallet is the wallet that ROY goes out of when you withdraw. If it is empty, the withdrawals will fail.

Is Royal Protocol (ROY) on CoinMarketCap/CoinGecko the same ROY that Crypto Royale uses?

No, Royal Protocol is a completely different coin and project that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), while Crypto Royale and the Royale (ROY) token run on the Harmony Network. If you purchase a Royal Protocol token, you will not be able to deposit it into Crypto Royale or earn staking on it.

What is the ROY contact address?

If you are trying to add ROY to your harmony wallet, the code is 0xfe1b516a7297eb03229a8b5afad80703911e81cb

You can find the token listed at https://dexscreener.com/harmony/0x4db87db6eadb02c5612eb4cf522d8188fb80a9ad

How do I stake my ROY?

If you leave your ROY in the in-game wallet, it will automatically earn staking rewards. We also offer the option to connect your metamask wallet to the game page via the "Stake" button in Ranked, Lowstakes, or Highstakes, and earn staking rewards on any ROY in your metamask wallet as well. Staking rewards are deposited daily into your in-game wallet between Midnight and 1AM, UTC time. Your staking rewards history can be seen by using the !rewards command in talk-to-the-bots. You must have a minimum of 59 ROY total before you will begin receiving staking rewards.

Can I use my Nano wallet to store ROY?

No. Nano and ROY are on two different block chains, so withdrawing ROY to a Nano address would not work. Please double check that you have a wallet address that supports the Harmony ONE network.


What is the COTW?

COTW stands for Crypto Of The Week, and is the crypto coin that is offered as a prize for the weekly Tournament. Every tournament is held on Sunday, in the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) time zone, and information about the tournament can be found in the tournaments and live-tournament channels. Discussions about the COTW can be found in #royale-and-cotw.

How do I join a tournament?

To join in our weekly COTW tournament, or any of our daily mini-tournaments, just make sure your game session is connected to Discord, then go to http://cryptoroyale.one/tournament and wait for games to start. Once games start, play as many as you can until they end. Final results can be found in the tournaments channel. No signup is needed, and spots cannot run out.

Why is the game super laggy / not working?

There are some common reasons for this:

1. Your browser does not have hardware acceleration on - hardware acceleration needs to be on for the game to run smoothly

2. Connection issues - you can check your ping to crypto royale in the command line / Terminal with ping cryptoroyale.one and ping asia1.cryptoroyale.one for ping to the Asia server and ping na1.cryptoroyale.one for the NA server. On Windows, to get a longer log, you can use ping -t cryptoroyale.one

What are those planet roles on Discord?

The planet roles correspond with your points (number_of_achievements * number_of_games_played_last_45_days) and are recalculated every day.

At the moment they are not associated with any rewards /bonuses


How can I get skins?

Some skins can be purchased using ROY, others will drop by winning games. Skins currently drop in ranked and staked games. Opening a skin box gives you a random skin of that rarity, that has been released and you do not already own it. Purchasable skins cannot be claimed using skin boxes. The color of the skin box matches its rarity. You can see the first set of 60 here: https://cryptoroyale.one/skins/.

What does "Skins not released" mean? / I got a skin box (a circle) but it says "Skins not released"

This means that you've claimed all the claimable skins that has been released so far, or that no skins of that rarity has been released at the moment. You will be able to claim the box once more skins of that rarity becomes available.

I heard some skins give APY?

Skins which are buyable (and not droppable) in the market by default are factored into the multiplier for rewards and APY. Their value is their BASE value before dynamic pricing is applied and so usually less than the shop price. More details available on the multiplier page.

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