Game Modes

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Main Game Modes


  • In training mode players fight against bots for reduced rewards


  • In ranked mode players fight each other for rewards and ratings

Staked games

The stakes games is a mode where players pay an entry fee with ROY, there are 2 types of staked games:

  • Low Stakes: has a small amount of ROY as entry fee that is added to the prize pool for the winner and the MEGA wheel
  • High Stakes: has a larger entry fee of ROY that is added to the prize pool for the winner and the MEGA wheel

More info about all the extra benefices that staked games has can be read here.


  • In tournament mode all players compete to reach an amount of point the fastest, the tournament ends when the first player reaches the goal

Player Made Games

Private Games

In private games players compete for a prize pool set by the creator of the private match.

Private games can be created using bot commands, using the !royale command and funded by your own ROY. The format is
!royale <# of ROY> <games=#> [names=#(0-1)] [max=#(2-10)] [min=#(2-10)] [Text Description]

The ROY paid by the game creator is spread evenly across all the games.

  • Example: a command of "!royale 50 games=5 names=1 max=5 min=3 Games Here" would create 5 games, with pots of 10 ROY each, with visible names, that at most 5 people would be able to play, and would require 3 people to start, with a description of "Games Here") All commands within [ ] are optional, and will default to invisible names, minimum of 2 players, maximum of 10 players, and no text description.
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