Goal Royale

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Goal Royale is a fast paced, football/soccer game that combines the looks and combat of Crypto Royale with strategic team-play to outmaneuver and outscore your opponents.

  • It will have the same rock-paper-scissors mechanics as we are all used to.
  • There are no deaths in Goal Royale. Collecting pips gives health and changes color.
  • To make attacking more risky and to deter players from overstaying their welcome, you will slowly start losing health when you cross the mid-field line and venture into your opponent's half.
  • Field borders are used to allow you to bounce the ball off the wall, however players can step over the line in order to hit the ball from behind if needed.
  • First team to 5 goals wins. There could be a time-based mode in the future to decide the winner based on number of goals scored in a pre-determined time frame.
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