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Bullet Royale

Bullet Royale (Beta) is a single player, PvE game where the player must destroy the enemies while traversing increasingly harder stages in an attempt to save the galaxy.

State: Released in Beta.

Card Royale

Crypto Royale Trading Cards is a series of NFTs featuring the players and events of Crypto Royale. Players can sign up to have their own trading card NFTs minted and will receive a copy for free - and can unlock rarer and more valuable NFTs by reaching higher ratings in Crypto Royale! The cards can currently be collected through purchase, trading, and quiz giveaways, with plans to integrate them into their own standalone games already underway. If you're interested in helping out with development, come talk to us in the #card-royale channel on the Discord server.

State: Currently in development.

Trivia Royale

Trivia Royale (Beta) is a quiz game were you can earn ROY by being the last person stading anwsering the questions, it is planned to run weekly if possible.

State: Released in Beta.

Graph Royale

Graph Royale (Beta) it's a website made to visualise data connected with CryptoRoyale, as well as to provide some other info in the form of tables.

State: Currently working, development semi-paused.


RoyLeague is a team of players from Crypto Royale that organize leagues and tournaments for the community. Up to day they have organized 3 seasons of the Royleague (1v1 league), 2 ROYcups (2v2 tournaments) and one season of the World Cup (1v1 tournament).

State: Currently working.


DevRoyale the developers of new game modes have united to create DevRoyale. A group of developers and a designer who are working together to bring new game modes to our beloved Royale ecosystem.

State: Currently working.

Wiki Royale

Wiki Royale a fan-made wiki to get your latest info on the ROY ecosystem. Created by the community to welcome new players and filled with accumulated knowledge, guides, tips, and tricks.

State: Released.

Inactive Community Projects

Turn Royale

Turn-Royale is a project to bring you a strategic turn-based version of Crypto Royale.

State: Development is currently paused.

Bet Royale

Bet Royale is an open source project where we build a website for betting your ROY. You can create your own bets that are about anything and set parameters for them.

State: Development is currently paused.

Goal Royale

Goal Royale is a fast paced, football/soccer game that combines the looks and combat of Crypto Royale with strategic team-play to outmaneuver and outscore your opponents.

State: Development is currently paused.

Tanks Royale

Tanks Royale is a real-time tank combat game with gravity switch mechanics. Pips are used as ammo to take down the opponents, and the shiny pips provide an additional hit point. Be the last one standing to secure the win.

State: Development is currently paused.

Kart Royale

Kart Royale shares similarities to Crypto Royale. However, the primary goal is not to kill all the players but to reach the finish line 1st.

State: Development is currently paused.

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