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RoyLeague is a team of players from Crypto Royale that organize leagues and tournaments for the community. Up to day, they have organized 3 seasons of the Royleague (1v1 league), 2 ROYcups (2v2 tournaments) and one season of the World Cup (1v1 tournament).

Current Team Members:

  • Poutyne NA -------- Megasteve EU
  • Galloots NA ------- Rxx EU
  • Vitt0c SA ----------- Rudeus greyrat AS

Ex-Members: KVN, Simøn, Voraxxon and Randfyld

RoyLeague - League

The RoyLeague is a league composed of three divisions: Champions League (CL), Premier League (PL) and Division 1 (D1), this last division can have subdivisions if there are too many participants (D2, D3, etc). The players compete with others of similar skills and quality to earn the best league position in 1v1 games.

  • Each Division will have a maximum of 10 players
  • Every player plays each other twice.
  • Final league positions determine payouts.
  • Certain league positions determine further actions promotion, relegation, playoffs*
  • Each match is a series of 8 games, all the games have to be played, even after winning 5 of them.
  • 3 points are given for the match win and 1 point to each player for a draw.
  • Suicides count as kills.

Note*: The promotions and relegations for next season also depend on the number of registrations, so they now always fulfill 100%.

You can read the rules here.


You can see the results of the RoyLeague leagues in more details in these links:

RoyCup - Tournament

The ROYCup is a fun escape from the intense 1v1 league matches and provides another competitive avenue for players in a much-desired team format. The number of teams competing will be different among servers, these teams will compete over the course of 3 days in a knockout competition to see who will be crowned ROYcup Champion.

  • Format: Team Mode (2v2)
  • First to 11 points wins and progresses to next round
  • The last team member surviving the match wins the point for the team
  • Killing a team member counts as a death
  • All cup games take place on respective home server


You can see the results of the RoyCup tournaments in more details in these links:

WorldCup - Tournament

The World Cup is a double elimination bracket tournament. There were 16 players that won in the RoyLeague Champion League from season 1 to 3 classified to play this tournament. The prize for this tournament was sponsored by the release of the skin "worldcup" (only 35/50 available), with this skin 17500 ROY was founded for RoyLeague WorldCup S1, there it was a special edition of this skin that had some extra details with the name of "wcwinner", this version was only distributed for the TOP 3 players of the tournament.
Preview of the Wcwinner Skin
Preview of the Wcwinner Skin
Prize Pool
  • 1st Place: WcWinner Skin #1 + 7.250 ROY
  • 2nd Place: WcWinner Skin #2 + 3,500 ROY
  • 3rd Place: WcWinner Skin #3 + 2,000 ROY
  • 4th Place: 1000 ROY
  • 5-6 Place: 425 ROY
  • 7-8 Places : 200 ROY
  • 2 series games - Home and Away of 14 games each*
  • 16 players - First round avoiding same region draft
  • Double elimination format

Note*: In case of tie, 2 more series of 5 games each


RoyLeague WorldCup S1 Results

You can see the results of the tournament in more details in this link:

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