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Some of the skins.


Skins are a series of cosmetic items added to Crypto Royale, currently it is planned to have 101 skins when the second batch is fully released.


Example of Skins discounts of each rarity.
Skins come in 6 rarities:
  • ⚫ - Cosmetic
  • ⚪ - Common
  • 🟠 - Uncommon
  • 🟢 - Rare
  • 🟣 - Epic
  • 🟡 - Legendary

Note: Currently there are only 3 cosmetic skins, these skins don't get any daily rewards for the Skin Wars and don't have discounts available for their rarity.

Getting Skins With Discounts

Skins discounts will drop at random by winning ranked or staked games, you can also get them by returning a skin you own (explained later in Burning/Returning Skins), you can use your skins discounts to purchase Skins at the STORE with ROY at a lower price.

The drop chance varies by skin rarity, and drop rates are 3x higher in low-stakes and 4x higher in high-stakes, than in ranked. Also you can get discounts from shiny pips Shiny pips.png in staked games, the odds of getting a skin discount on shiny pip collection = 10 times lower than winning a game.

Discounts can stack up to 10x per rarity, with each one halving the price of a skin of that rarity from the store (buying a skin will remove your discounts of that skin's rarity).

Odds of dropping Skin discounts

Skin Power (SP)

Skin Power (SP) is a property attached to every Skin, is used in the Victory Points calculation for the Skin Wars as a multiplier, and can be increased by playing games.

SP Formula

Skin Power (SP) formula as a graph
SP is increased by 2 values: Wins and Boosts.
  • Wins increases by 1 for every game won in ranked and staked game-modes.
  • Boosts increases by 0.33 when playing a low stakes game, and 0.4 when playing a high stakes game. Winning isn't needed to increase boosts.

You can also increase the Boost of skin by using skin discounts, each rarity gives the next values:

⚪ Common - 50 🟠 Uncommon - 170 🟢 Rare - 500 🟣 Epic - 1250 🟡 Legendary - 5000

Skin Power is calculated by:
round( pow( (wins + boosts) + 1, 1 /3 ) * 10 ) / 10

  • Online SP Calculator:
    Use this link for the online SP calculator and know how many SP you are going to get by using skin discounts.

Burning/Returning Skins

Example returning Rare Skin 5 SP

You can return/burn a skin once it is above 5 Skin Power (SP), you will get discounts/boxes of the same rarity of the skin that you are trying to return/burn, how many boxes you get depends on the SP of the skin you are returning/burning:

5 SP: 1 box - 10 SP: 2 boxes - 15 SP: 3 boxes, etc.

The skin you return is either burned, or goes back to the store, depending on the max supply of that skin.

  • ⚪ Commons ---- 2000
  • 🟠 Uncommon -- 600
  • 🟢 Rare ------------- 150
  • 🟣 Epic -------------- 50
  • 🟡 Legendary ---- 10

So, if the skin that you are trying to return/burn is over the amount of the max supply for that rarity, it will be burned, if it is lower, it will be returned to the store.

Example Alien skin returned becouse it has 2000 supply and Basketball skin burned becouse is over 2000 supply

Skins Wars

Skin Wars is a rewards programme for players that own or use skins.
Example of Skin Wars top 3

Every day, a rewards pool is distributed to skin owners and players based on how well each skin performed during the day

  • The daily performance results can be viewed here, and live results here (subject to change).
  • Skin wars rewards can be viewed here.
  • More info can be found here.


  • Development started around September 2021. The skin gallery opened on the 19th of October 2021, with 60 initial skins on display, drawn by Artists Ian Q and Elena.
  • The Marketplace was added on the 10th of November 2021, letting players buy and sell their skins with limited functionality. Around 400 skins were listed for sale on the first day.
  • Dynamic pricing was added to skins on the 3rd of November 2021.
  • Dynamic pricing was removed on 23rd of January 2022, and "buy-able" and "win-able" skins were merged to avoid confusion.


  • Skin discounts used to be in the form of CIRCLE-shaped boxes that show up in your inventory
  • When you get a drop, you hear a sound effect and the color of a skin box matches its rarity.
  • Skin boxes cannot be fed to the personal wheel.
  • You can have at most 10 skin boxes of each rarity.
  • Skins are currently in-game wallet items.
  • Some skins used to drop for free!
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