Staked games

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Staked Games

In staked game modes, players pay an entry fee to play. Each player's entry fee funds both the reward for winning the game, and the MEGA wheel. The entry free is paid in ROY.

There are 2 types of staked game: low stakes (LS) and high stakes (HS). Each has a different entry fee and benefits, here is a table comparing them with ranked games.

Benefits of staked games

Game Mode Entry Fee Skin Drops VP Multiplier Skin Boost Shiny Pip Disc. MEGA wheel MEGA Tokens
Ranked FREE in every server 1x 1x 0 NO NO 20% Per Win
Low stakes 1 ROY in every server 3x 3x 0.33 YES YES 1 Per game
High stakes Variable per server* 4x 4x 0.4 YES YES 1 Per game
*10 ROY (SA1), 90 ROY (EU1), 30 ROY (EU2), 4 ROY (AS1), 7 ROY (EU3), 20 ROY (EU4, NA1)
  • Entry Free: Is a flat value that you have to pay to enter the game, this can be different depending of the server
  • Skin Drops: Are discounts obtained by winning, that you can use to buy skins at a cheaper price
  • VP Multiplier: Staked games give an extra multiplier for Victory Points earned
  • Skin Boost: Is a boost that helps you to level up the Skin Power of your skin (e.g. 3 games of HS = 1 win)
  • Shiny Pip Discounts: Odds of getting a skin discount on shiny pip collection = 10 times lower than winning a game.
  • MEGA Tokens: How the tokens are distributed, in ranked games you have a 20% chance of droping 1 token per win.
Example of Shiny Pips
Example of Shiny Pips

MEGA Tokens

For each staked game that you play you get 1 MEGA token, which increases your MEGA wheel payout in a flat value that variates according to the entry fee of the staked game. If you win the MEGA wheel all your tokens are consumed. Tokens dropped in ranked can't go over 30 and they have the same flat value that LS Tokens.
Example of 21 ROY MEGA payout on average in 1 ROY LS.
  • Extra flat value according to the entry fee (tokens from LS worth less than HS)
  • More MEGA tokens = More ROY
  • +1 MEGA token for each staked game played
  • Ranked wins have a 20% chance of dropping +1 MEGA token

Note: The ROY value that you can see in "Mega" is the average payout, if you hover the "❔" you can see a tooltip that shows you 2 extra ROY values, the smaller one being a 2x payout with 2 players lobby and the higher one with a 5x payout and 6 players lobby.

MEGA wheel

The MEGA Wheel is a exclusive feature of staked games, which anyone playing the game can win. The prize pool of this wheel depends on the mode (LS or HS), the number of players and how many MEGA tokens you have accumulated.

The frequency of the MEGA wheel is random. A MEGA wheel will always appear after the first kill is made, and you will hear a special sound and the game border will start blinking in white.

A MEGA wheel spins 2 times after a game finishes. The first spin decides the multiplier of the payout and the second spin chooses one of the players as the winner - even if they didn't win the game.

MEGA wheel frequency is 1 out 10 staked games (on average)

  • Blue: 1 MEGA token for each player - 3/10 chance
  • Magenta: Multiplier of 2x - 2/10 chance
  • Cyan: Multiplier of 3x - 3/10 chance
  • Yellow: Multiplier of 5x - 2/10 chance
  • White: Multiplier of 75x (Jackpot) - 1/1000 chance
  • Each player has an equal chance of winning the MEGA wheel, the payout they receive is different according to how many MEGA tokens they have
  • There is also a 1/1000 chance of a Jackpot where everyone wins the MEGA wheel

Numbers: How it works

Example of the numbers for the MEGA wheel in low stakes with 0.6 ROY buy-in
Pot Players Number of Games RAKE % Fixed Payout MEGA Yellow MEGA Jackpot
1.2 2 18 16.7 1 7.6 108
1.8 3 13.7 21.9 1.40 11.3 162
2.4 4 11.6 25.9 1.78 15.1 216
3 5 10.2 29.4 2.12 18.9 270
3.6 6 9.2 32.7 2.42 22.7 324
4.2 7 8.4 35.8 2.70 26.5 378
4.8 8 7.7 38.8 2.94 30.2 432
5.4 9 7.2 41.7 3.15 34.0 486
6 10 6.7 44.5 3.33 37.8 540

  • Pot: Total amount of players entry fee.
  • Players: Quantity of them inside the game.
  • Number of games: Is the games that you need on average to the MEGA wheel appears.
  • Rake %: Is the percentage of ROY that taken from the pot to fund the MEGA wheel payout.
  • Fixed Payout: Is the total amount of ROY that the winner of the game earns.
  • MEGA yellow: Is the amount of fixed ROY that is giving if the MEGA spins color Yellow.
  • MEGA Jackpot: Is the amount of fixed ROY that is giving if the MEGA spins color White.

CRASH Payout

Example before playing Crash (Fixed payout for LS)

After you win any game you can choose to claim your reward instantly or risk it by playing CRASH to get a bigger payout up to 10000x (There is 1% chance of instant Crash)

How to Play

To play CRASH you have to wait 5 seconds, after that you are going to see you reward starting to increase, at any moment you can stop it and claim you payout, but if you take to long you might lose it all.
Example of possible outcomes after playing crash, left size winning and right size losing.

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