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If you leave your ROY in the in-game wallet, it will automatically earn staking rewards. We also offer the option to connect your MetaMask wallet to the game page via the "Stake" button in Ranked, LowStakes, or HighStakes, and earn staking rewards on any ROY in your MetaMask wallet as well. Staking rewards are deposited daily into your in-game wallet between Midnight and 1AM, UTC time. Your staking rewards history can be seen by using the !rewards command in the Discord channel #talk-to-a-bot. You must have a minimum of 28 ROY total before you will begin receiving staking rewards. The current APY for staking is 10% APY on Avalanche and 5% in-game and on other chains.

If the stake button is grayed out for you, make sure that MetaMask is on the same browser you are accessing Crypto Royale from.
So if you're using a computer, it'll be a browser extension in the same browser.
If you're on mobile, you'll have to open Crypto Royale using the browser in the MetaMask app

A Step-By-Step Guide for Staking ROY

  1. Follow the Step-by-step Guide to Getting Started first if not done so.
  2. Hold the ROY you win in the games in your MetaMask wallet or right in the game.
  3. Assuming you followed the steps on how to withdraw ROY, start staking it by clicking the icon with the two clouds and the handshake under the game playfield of crypto royale.
  4. Click Stake.
  5. Metamask should open as a popup.
  6. Click through the approvals.
  7. Metamask should close.
  8. The Stake button should now say "Staking".
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