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The stats page shows detailed stats of the player in the diferent game modes and 1v1s

Example of the stats page
Example of the stats page
  • Points: discord ranking points (achievements completed * games played in the last 45 days)
  • Rating: your current in game rating
  • Peak Rating: maximum rating achieved
  • Wheel Earnings: ROY gained from spinning the wheel after whining a game
  • Games: number of games played
  • Won: number of games won
  • Win %: win rate (won/games)
  • Win Streak: your current win streak (games won in a row without losing)
  • Highest WS: highest win streak achieved
  • Kills: number of players killed across all games
  • K/D: kill to death ratio (kills/deaths)
  • Kill Streak: current kill streak (number of players killed without dying)
  • Highest KS : highest kill streak achieved
  • Highest Death Streak: highest death streak (number of times you died without killing a player)
  • Tips: number of tips dropped
  • Games Tipped: number of games where you dropped at leas one tip
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