Tanks Royale

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Tanks Royale is a game currently under development designed to be a real-time tank combat game with gravity switch mechanics. Alk is the primary lead designer and programmer.


Tanks Royale was born from an idea posted under the #any-suggestions text channel on the Official Crypto Royale Discord. The idea was a game that would fall similarly in line with Crypto Royale's gameplay and art style, which would allow the reuse of assets and NFT skins.

The Game

Tanks Royale is a real-time tank combat game with gravity switch mechanics, a unique gameplay feature used to avoid damage on the battlefield. At the beginning of each match, each player starts with 100 HP and can have a maximum health of 200 HP. The players can use pips to shoot other enemy players, which deals 33 HP of damage. Every time a player shoots, it will drain their total ammo reserve by one. To replenish these ammo reserves, players can pick up pips which can be found throughout the map. "Shiny" pips can also appear on the map and act as both a health pack and additional ammo. Each shiny pip heals 33 HP while also providing an additional hit point.


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