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Tournaments are daily events hosted every 6 hours which offer a ROY reward based on placement. Placement is factored from a combination of wins, kills and more.
The total ROY given out each tournament is the number of players x 24.

The !tournaments command on Discord will show you your recent Tournament results history.


Sundays are special days where only one tournament is held and rewards are increased as a result. Turnout is usually higher.
Sundays are also sometimes sponsored events where third parties offer additional prizes in The Coin of the Week (COTW) for participation.

The Coin of the Week may be distributed over Discord via the bot, or directly to MetaMask wallets at a later date. ROY tournament rewards are distributed to in-game balance immediately.


Currently tournaments are scheduled at 02:00, 08:00, 14:00 and 20:00 UTC each day while Sunday tournaments are only scheduled at 03:00 UTC.

Tourney FAQ

When & how will Coin of the Week be distributed?

The Coin of the Week is usually distributed after the tournament (though it sometimes can take multiple days in some circumstances) directly to MetaMask or in Discord via the bot.

How much will I receive?

The total sponsor sum is distributed between all tournament players with less/more according to placement, so checking and dividing by the number of players in the tournament will give you a rough ballpark.

Where can I watch the tournament finals?

Tournament finals are private staked games, usually streamed by one or more players in #streaming-and-videos. There's also usually a live commentary provided by ROYalty in #tournament-live

Will there be double/triple rewards?

Double and Triple rewards are common after tournaments but not guaranteed.

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