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This project is currently paused as there has been no word from the developer about the game since January 13, 2022, where the developer said they would be working on it in the coming weeks, but there has been no word from them since about it, and the project was declared paused.


Turn Royale borrows on the idea of Crypto Royale however changes the play style from a fast-paced live-action game to a more slowed strategic turn-based way.

The Game

In a game of 5 players and up, players are placed in an 11x11 Grid with each player starting with 10 HP and a color that could be Magenta, which beats Yellow, Yellow, which beats Cyan, and Cyan, which beats Magenta. Each player is given two free moves per turn with an option to make an additional move at the cost of 2 HP. However, if they are below 2 HP, they will be unable to make this extra move. Different colored Pips are scattered throughout the map and are colored randomly with the same colors the players can be colored as. Each Pip gives 1HP and changes the player's color to whatever the color of the Pip was. The 11x11 map will begin to shrink by one cell per side per turn. The player's HP will go down by two if they're inside the grey area at the beginning of their turn. All of the players have 10 seconds to make their turn. All the players in the game will select their moves simultaneously and have their turns executed simultaneously once the timer ends. New orbs will spawn every turn allowing for randomized strategic opportunities. Players must be in an adjacent cell next to an enemy player to attack. Every attack will cause 4 HP of damage. Unlike Crypto Royale, the player may attack another player that is greater than them in color; however, the damage multiplier will be at a disadvantage of 0.5x versus their opponent's multiplier of 1.5x damage. The damage done will be completed simultaneously once all the players finish their turn, resulting in a possibility of a draw, with both players dying at the same time.

Game Modes

In a 1v1 scenario, one player will start disadvantaged, while in a 1v1v1, each player will start with a random color. 1v1v1v1 will begin with two different colors, the same colors in opposite corners, and the disadvantaged player will go first between these.

GitHub: https://github.com/brandonschmeidler/TurnRoyale


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